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     These adventures are all original AD&D adventures published by TSR in PDF format. Those that don't have a hyper link are those that I have not gotten yet, and am looking for.

9533 - Gates of Firestorm Peak
9534 -
A Heroes Tale
11347 - Axe of the Dwarvish Lords
11376 - Road to Danger
11413 -
Against the Giants, the liberation of Geoff
11444 - Dungeons of Despair
11549 - The Star of Kolhapur

A1-4    Scourge of the Slave Lords
AC1    the Shady Dragon Inn
AC2    Combat shield Miniadventure
AC3    The Kidnapping of Princess Arelina
AC4    The Book of Marvelous Magic
AC9    Creature Catalog
AC11  Book of Wondrous Inventions
B1    In Search of the Unknown
B2    Keep on the Borderlands
B3    Palace of the Silver Princess
B4    The Lost City
B5    Horror on the Hill
B6    The Veiled Society
B7    Rahasia
B8    Journey to the Rock
B9    Castle Caldwell and Beyond
B10    Night's Dark Terror
B11    King's Festival
B12    Queen's Harvest
B1-9    In Search of Adventure
B000778     Wand of Archeal
BSOLO    Ghost of Lion Castle
C1    Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan
C2    Ghost Tower of Inverness
C3    The Lost Island of Castanamir
C4    To Find a King
C5    The Bane of Llywelyn
C6    Official Tournament Handbook
CA1    Swords of the Undercity
CA2    Swords of Deceit
CB1    Conan Unchained
CB2    Conan Against the Darkness
CM1    Test of the Warlords
CM2    Death's Ride
CM3    Sabre River
CM4    Earthshaker!
CM5     Mystery of the Snow Pearls
CM6    Where Chaos Reigns
CM7    Tree of Life
CM8    Endless Stair
CM9    Legacy of Blood
D1-2    Descent into the Depths of the Earth
D3       Vault of the Drow
DA1    Adventures in Blackmoor
DA2    Temple of the Frog
DA3    City of the Gods
DA4    Duchy of Ten
DQ1       Shattered Statue
EX1      Dungeonland
EX2      Land Beyond the Magic Mirror
G1-2-3    Against the Giants
GDQ1-7    Queen of Spiders
GA1     The Murky Deep
GA2     Swamplight
GA3     Tales of Enchantment
GRM2     The Silver Key
HHQ1     Fighter's Challenge
HHQ2     Wizard's
HHQ3     Thief's Challenge
HHQ4     Cleric's Challenge
HHQ5     Fighter's Challenge II
HHQ6     Wizard's Challenge II
HHQ7     Thief's Challenge II
HHQ8     Cleric's Challenge II
HM2 - The Hunt for Istan
HM3 - Chaos Halls
HM4 - Meazel
HM5 - Isensan's Secret
HS1 - The Village of Rashtan
HWA1     Nightwail
HWA2     Nightrage
HWA3     Nightstorm
HWQ1     The Milenian Scepter
HWR1     Sons of Azca
HWR2     Kingdom of Nithia
HWR3     The Milenian Empire
I1    Dwellers of the Forbidden City
I2    Tomb of the Lizard King
I3    Pharaoh
I4    Oasis of the White Palm
I5    Lost Tomb of Martek
I6    Ravenloft
I7    Baltron's Beacon
I8    Ravager of Time
I9    Day of Al'Akbar
I10    Ravenloft II, house on gryphon hill
I11    Needle
I12    Egg of the Phoenix
I13    Adventure pack I
I14    Swords of the Iron Legion
I3-5    Desert of Desolation
IM1    Immortal Storm
IM2    Wrath of Olympus
IM3    Best of Intentions
J1 - Beast of Geshtien
L1    Secret of Bone Hill
L2    Assassin's Knot
L3    Deep Dwarven Delve
L4     Devilspawn
L4C     The Lendlore Isle Companion
L5A     The Kroten Campaign Guide
L5B     The Kroten Adventures
L5C     The Kroten Campaign Companion
L5D     Map Pack
LC1    Gateway to Raven's Bluff
LC2    Inside Raven's Bluff
LC3    Nightwatch in the Living City
LC4    Port of Raven's Bluff

M1    Into the Maelstrom
M2    Vengeance of Alphaks
M3    Twilight Calling
M4    Five Coins for a Kingdom
M5    Talons of Night
MSOLO1    Blizzard Pass
MSOLO2    Maze of the Riddling Minotaur
MV1    Midnight on Dagger Alley
N1    Against the Cult of the Reptile God
N2    Forest Oracle
N3    Destiny of Kings
N4    Treasure Hunt
N5    Under Illefarn
O1    The Gem and the Staff
O2    Blade of Vengeance
OP1    Tales of the Outer Planes
Q1    Queen of the Demonweb Pits
R1    To the Aid of Falx
R2    Investoigation of Hydell
R3    Egg of the Phoenix
R4    Doc's Island
R5    Great Bugbear Hunt
R6    Bigby's Tomb
R7    Dwarven quest for the Rod of 7 Parts
R8     Yog's Dessert
R9     Tinker's Canyon
R10     Air Plane
RA1     Feast of Goblyns
RA2     Ship of Horror
RA3     Touch of Death
RPGA1    Rahasia
RPGA2    Black opal Eye
RPGA3    Forgotten King
RPGA4    Elixer of Life
RPGA5     Riddle of Dolmen Moor
RPGA6     Incants of Ishcabeble
RPGA7     Llywelyn's Tomb
RPGA8     And the Gods will Play
RS1    Red Sonja Unconquered
S1    Tomb of Horrors
S2    White Plume Mountain
S3    Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
S4    Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth
S5    Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut
S6     Labyrinth of Madness
S7     The Howling Hills
S1-4    Realms of Horror
ST1    Up the Garden Path
TR1     Quest for the Silver Sword
TR2     Assault on Raven's Ruins
TR3     Thunder Rift
TR4     Sword And Shield
TR5     Knight of Newts
TR6     Rage of the Rakasta
TR7     In the Phantom's Wake
UK1    Beyond the Crystal Cave
UK2    Sentinel
UK3    Gauntlet
UK4    When a Star Falls
UK5    Eye of the serpent
UK6    All that Glitters…
UK7    Dark Clouds Gather
X1    Isle of Dread
X2    Castle Amber
X3    Curse of Xanathon
X4    Master of the Desert Nomads
X5    Temple of Death
X6    Quagmire!
X7    War Rafts of Kron
X8    Drums on Fire Mountain
X9    Savage Coast
X10    Red Arrow, Black Shield
X11    Saga of the Shadow Lord
X12    Skarda's Mirror
X13    Crown of Ancient glory
XL1    Quest for the Hearthstone
XSOLO    Lathan's Gold
XS2    Thunder Delve Mountain
The Secret of Spider Haunt
Lord of the Iron Fortress
War of Darkness