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      This is the 2nd site for my information. The first site the wizards of the coast had shut down. Now this site is based in Iceland so the wizards can blow me! The wizards of the coast had a chance to work with me, instead they shut down deathranger.com so they can now reap what they have sowed. The wizards of the coast could have come to me and made a monetary deal, but instead they hit me with a club to the head.
     Much like the Napster situation 20 years ago, the Wizards of the coast had a chance to make money, but instead they threw that away and attacked me and made me more willing to pay more to spit in their face!

     The wizards of the coast can now BLOW ME!!!!!

     This site was established on 3-3-14. I played AD&D when I was a child. Now I make adventures and re-purpose old adventures set in the World of Greyhawk. I set as much as possible in the World of Greyhawk since that was the game world I started on and liked the most. Many adventures are relocated to the World of Greyhawk from other game worlds. I only use out of date adventures at least 20 years old. I only use those adventures that I have paid for with my own money. Once I buy it, the product is mine to do with as I please, within reason.
     There are many people that would ask why only 1st and 2nd edition. I answer that by merely saying that Every 3 or so years, the Wizards of the Coast will release a "New" system much like the I-Phone. The purpose is to make as many people as possible buy all of the new stuff, and thus keep making money off old adventures and books instead of creating new stuff.
     Originally, nothing was for sale. Now I am going to add a page where people can offer products for sale. Anyone selling or buying will have to trust the people selling, and this site has nothing to do with this.

     Below is a list of adventures that I have modified to be placed in the World of Greyhawk or in any location that a dm might want. The list is an excel sheet.

Adventure Sheet