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     These are the adventures from the Dragonsfoot Web Site, and other sites. As is always the case here, everything is for free.

Crimson Monks
Dungeon Crawl
Hars Point Adventure
Melford Murder
Mere of the Mud Man
Shades of Terror
Shrine of the Oracle
Spider Farm
The Corrupt Crypt of Ilmater
The disappearance of Harold
The Mad Demi-god's Castle
The red Swamp Fantasy Adventure

DF3 - Temple of Diancecht
DF4 - Morganville
DF5 - Horror of Spider Point
DF6 - Horror of Spider Point Map Pack
DF9 - Dragonstone
DF12 - High Atop Dragontop
DF12A - High Atop Dragontop Map Pack
DF14 - Goblin's Tooth
DF14A - Moonless Night
DF16 - Skein of the Death Mother
DF18 - Where the Fallen Jarls Sleep
DF19 - Church of the Poisoned Mind
DF21 - Beneath Black Town
DF24 - Stormcrows Gather
DF26 - Al Arin
DF27 - Red Tarns Bones
DF28 - Banked Swamp
DF29 - White Watch
DFT1 - Trident Rock
DFT2 - Battle for Gib Rus
DFT2A - Battle For Gib Rus Supplement

Guardian of the Plum Tree

HM2 - The Hunt for Istan
HM3 - Chaos Halls
HM4 - Meazel
HM5 - Isensan's Secret
HS1 - The Village of Rashtan
J1 - Beast of Geshtien
L4 - Devilspawn
L4C - The Lendlore Isle Companion
L5 - Kroten Map Pack
L5A - The Kroten Campaign Guide
L5B - The Kroten Adventures
L5C - The Kroten Campaign Companion
S7 - The Howling Hills
SM4 - Beneath Darkshroud Peaks