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2405     Monstrous Compendium
2408     Dragon Kings
2430     Forest Maker
2431     The Will and the Way
2432     City by the Silt Sea
2433     Monstrous Compendium
2437     Thri-Kreen of Athas
2438     Dark Sun Campaign Setting
2439     Windriders of the Jagged Cliffs
2441     Beyond the Prism Pentad
2444     Mind Lords of the Last Sea
2445     Defilers and Preservers
2446     Psionic Artifacts of Athas

DDA1   Arena of Thyatis
DDA2   Legions of Thyatis
DDA3   Eye of Traidor
DDA4   Dymrak Dread
DS1        Freedom
DSE1     Dragon's Crown
DSE2     Black Spine
DSM1     Black Flames
DSM2     Merchant House of Amketch
DSM3     Marauders of Nibenay
DSM4     Black Spine
DSQ1     Road to Urik
DSQ2     Arcane Shadows
DSQ3     Asticlian Gambit

DSR1    Slave Tribes
DSR2     Dune Trader
DSR3     Veiled Alliance
DSR4     Valley of Dust and Fire
DSS1     City State of Tyr
DSS2     Air, Earth, Fire, Water
DSS3     Elves of Athas


Athasian Emporium
Faces of the Forgotten North
City State of Draj
Life Shaping Handbook
Prestige Class Appendix Volume 1
Prestige Class Appendix Volume 2
Terrors of Athas
Terrors of the Dreadlands
Tyrian Conspiracy
Whispers of the Storm
Trade Lords
Villages of the Wastes
Wisdom of the Drylanders