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1066 - Maztica Campaign Setting
2506 - Poor Wizard's Almanac
2625 - A guide to the Astral Plane
9464 - City Sites
9479 - Castle Sites
9482 - Country Sites
9515 - Den of Thieves
9532 - World Builder's Guidebook
9549 - College of Wizardry
11326 - Vortex of Madness
11361 - Warriors of Heaven
11383 - Campaign Option Council of Wyrms
11431 - Guide to Hell

Arms and Equipment Guide
Book of Artifacts
Complete Books of
Creative Campaigning
Deck of Magic Items
Deck of Wizard Spells

Dungeon Master's Guide
DMG High Level Campaigns
DM Screen
DM Screen and Index
Encyclopedia Magica Volume 1
Encyclopedia Magica Volume 2
Encyclopedia Magica Volume 3
Encyclopedia Magica Volume 4
Fiend Folio
Greyhawk Adventures

Legends and Lore
Men and Magic
Monster Manual
Monster Manual II

Monster Mythology
Monster and Treasure Assortment
Monstrous Compendium
Monstrous Manual
Oriental Adventures
Player's Handbook
Player's Options / Combat & tactics
Player's Options / skills and powers
Player's Options / spells and magic
Priest Spell Compendium Volume 1
Priest Spell Compendium Volume 2
Priest Spell Compendium Volume 3
Rules Cyclopedia
Sages and Specialists
The Scarlet Brotherhood
Supplement 1 - Greyhawk
Supplement 2 - Blackmoor
Supplement 3 - Eldritch Wizardry
Supplement 4 - Gods, Demi-gods, and heroes

Tome of Magic
Wilderness Survival Guide
Wizard Spell Compendium Volume 1
Wizard Spell Compendium Volume 2
Wizard Spell Compendium Volume 3
Wizard Spell Compendium Volume 4
World of Greyhawk Folio
World of Greyhawk Map