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     Back before the internet, the only way to get articles and new ideas was to buy the Dragon Magazine. Every gamer group would change rules as they saw fit to make their campaign better. The most changed rules were the racial level limits, and the multi-class rules. Why were there no elf mages of 18th level and higher? Why can't there be a halfling super fighter? What about a human thief/magic-user? And the questions can go on.
     Finally TSR came out with new rules and ideas in the dragon magazines. The greatest help was for the dm. TSR finally came out with ideas on how to separate money from stingy and greedy players.
     Below are some articles I found helpful. Almost all of these are taken from the dragon magazines. I bought issues 1 through 250. and still have not gotten through all of them.

5 Keys to DM success
A Player and his money
Aerial Mounts
Age table
Armor types, move, cost
Berserk combat
Birth and language tables
Casting spells for cash
Castle Definitions
Character sheet
Coin system history
Creative magic items
Critical hit tables
Curing the Monty Haul Campaign
Damage to weapons
Deities and their faithful
Demon generation
Detecting scrying
Diseases and parasites
Encounter reactions
Equipment list
Equipment list II
Giant sized weapons
Great kingdom and the Knights of Doom
Horse buying
Inns and taverns
Intelligence table
Item saving throws
Level advancement cost
Loyalty base
Make charisma count for more
Melee round actions
Money exchange value tables
Pit Traps
Poisons best tables
Protection circles
Raising a baby dragon
Real jungles
Treasure type chart
Types of devils
Unarmed combat
Value of gems, jewelry, and rare commodities
Weapon specialization
Wounds and weeds